Our Produce

What do we offer?

The company has four products: pasture fed, free-range chickens for meat and eggs, fresh water tilapia, and organic mushrooms.

We want to supply the community, i.e. restaurants, hotels, hostels, canteens, supermarkets, butcheries and other retail shops with pasture fed, free-range chickens from our farm as well as the best quality tilapia fish and fresh, organic mushrooms, all at the most affordable prices.


Pasture fed, free-range chickens and associated poultry products are not as common as mass produced chickens. The reason for this is attributed to their significantly high cost of production. The health benefits however are significant, and it is possible to offer this product at affordable prices to the consumer without sacrificing the quality.

There is also an unmet demand for a cheaper and tastier substitute to hake, trout and bass, as people from low income households cannot afford these types of fish. Currently the tilapia found in our major supermarkets are imported from neighboring South Africa, we wish to see the stores filled with locally sourced produce that will not only make the product more affordable, but will also help our economy to grow by becoming more self sustaining and relying less on imported produce.



The quality of our produce is of the utmost importance to us. The traditional consumer in both developed and developing nations has now become conscious of unhealthy lifestyle habits and are gradually moving towards the health benefits of produce from
organic, chemical free produce systems.


More than ever, consumers are opting for lean and nutrient rich meat, obtained from natural, GMO free vegetables, fish, & chicken.


Our chickens forage the pasture for food, we also give them supplementary feed such as herbs and other natural greens that grow on our farm.

We ensure that we feed our tilapia well to produce quality fish. Our company cultures tilapia breams in ponds. We employ good husbandry techniques and proper stocking rates, and we only use the highest quality organic feeds and manure in order to get the best end product.