Organic Mushrooms

Mushrooms are highly versatile and their dense flesh makes them ideal for using whole, raw or cooked.


We are always striving to improve our mushrooms taste, quality and production standards continuously by investing in the latest mushroom cultivation technology.


We are also stringent in complying with various food safety programmes regarding cultivation and sterile growing environments.

Brook Haven Farm _ Organic Mushrooms 4



Brook Haven mushrooms are certified Organic as we use no GMOs, harmful herbicides, pesticides, or man-made fertilizers in our farming practices.


Our mushrooms are always picked to adhere to the highest standards.

Our cultivated mushrooms are grown in a pasteurized compost medium made on our farm, in sterile growing rooms and under scientifically controlled conditions.


In this way we can imitate the ideal growing conditions of nature as closely as possible.

Brook Haven Farm _ Organic Mushrooms 5

we have put our focus on quality and innovation to provide consumers with the highest quality, best-tasting mushrooms on the market.