Free Range Poultry

Pasture Fed, Free-Range Chicken

Our chickens are allowed to grow and eat as nature intended.

We only permit wholesome foods, with the addition of vitamins, minerals and amino acids as required for the welfare of the birds.

We do not use with growth hormones, antibiotics and many other commercially used steroids to improve growth.

Brook Haven Farm _ Pasture Raised Free R

Raised in Nature

Our chickens are raised in as natural an environment as possible because chickens raised this way are healthier and provide absolute nutrition. We care about the well being of our animals and provide as little assistance in their growth as far as possible


With shade, fresh water and palatable vegetation, our birds are grown in absolute luxury. Our birds range during the daylight hours, free to explore nature’s many treats.


Our housing, equipment, ventilation, temperature and health practices are in accordance with standard Animal Welfare practices. Our houses are as natural as possible, this we believe maintains the feel of the natural world, and our birds love it.

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To keep our birds happy we consider our bio security as serious as the word "Free-Range". We adhere to serious bio security codes and practices.


Pasture Raised Chicken Thighs

Brook Haven Farm _ Pasture Raised Free R


Brook Haven is accredited with Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) and the Certified Humane Raised and Handled® label on all our products ensures that:

  • We meet the Animal Care Standards which applies to our chickens, from birth through slaughter.

  • Our animals are never kept in cages. They are free to do what comes naturally. For example, chickens must be able to flap their wings and dust bathe.

  • Our animals are fed a diet of quality feed, without animal by-products, antibiotics or growth hormones.

  • Brook Haven complies with food safety and environmental regulations.